Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up Marching into March

I am super excited that I have almost finished up the itemizing of all the receipts of expenses and it will be such a relief getting everything done! We had a busy weekend.  I went out with the girls to Waterloo & City for happy hour to test out their James Beard award nominated food. FYI it was pretty tasty! Afterward we headed over to the Alibi Room to say hello to one of my girlfriends who works there and enjoy their amazing cocktails and Kogi BBQ.

Yesterday, Kevin and I saw Rango- which was visually striking and such an amazingly crafted animated movie.  It was paced a bit slow for my liking, but it was so great to look at it made up for it.  I felt like the textures and scenery was so detailed and filling that I really hope that more animated movies evolve to this depth of artistry  The bar is set now for technical details and scenery after seeing this flick!

I am devoting myself to Tricia this week when needed for her Costume Debut. Today I have a dentist appointment with a new guy, and then off to Tricia's for crystallizing galore.  I am so excited about the work she's been up to and I am happy to soak in all the construction details on the inner workings of all her show stopping designs.

Well keep you posted on more fun to come and I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!


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