Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Product Spotlight: Record Accessory Stand

When I was at Kristin's house the other day and I had to snap some pictures of her Record Jewelry Stand in action ;)  It got me to thinking that I have neglected putting some well deserved time into product descriptions... So, today is all about the Record Accessory Stands. 

Above- I love the pairing of colors!
KP's accessory stand mixes perfectly with their wall art.  
They also have one of our folded books 
and use it as a sorter for their Netflix- AWESOME!

I have been gathering pictures of the record stands for Flickr and Etsy.  If you like the orange one you can find it on Etsy here.

When I first came up with the idea for an accessory stand or a multiple record kind of riser, I had many different obstacles to overcome- structure wise.  I am very happy that we let it evolve and re-work it into the place it is now.  

My main objective was to re think the record bowl and try to push out something different and unexpected.  Originally, I was trying to graduate from larger LP's up into 45's, but I couldn't source a base that I felt was up to my standards.  I am still on the hunt so that I can get a larger scale design up for cupcakes ;)  But as for now, I am stoked to utilize all of our large jar lids for bases.  The stand is made up of multiple different types of re purposed materials include jar lids, sewing machine bobbins, records, and assorted hardware. The records are all hand manipulated before each stand is hand-made by Kevin.

Here are some shots with jewelry and other trinkets:

We always have a fun assortment in person if you attend the amazing events we are apart of. You can pick your favorite from all the colors and styles in person at:
Hope you enjoy!

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