Monday, March 28, 2011

Coming Up This Week: Last Week in March

I have been downloading all my pictures from the weekend today, and I am very excited to share some of the fun I have been having lately...  I promise I am working hard to compensate ;)  This past Friday was the shark night at the Aquarium of the Pacific, and it was indeed terrific! (For those reading outside of SoCal, my friend informed me that the jingle which includes terrific has been their jingle as long as they have been around- which is hilarious!)

We found this awesome car on the way out.  If this is your car- You are amazing! The one about no one's fault... I must remember this-lol!

I was having a bit more fun taking pictures of the fishes and sharks than petting them.  The one that got the most attention of course are the Reys- but they knew everyone wanted to touch them and were stuck up and hiding most of the evening :(

Sharon, Wendy and I had a leisurely stroll around the "night life" afterward and were having an amazing night at the Irish Pub with our Irish Coffees until a whole bunch of "babies" in 80's themed craziness leeched in and made me feel really old. ughhhh.

Here are the highlights:

This guy with the gold lapel caught my eye at the FIDM Debut a bit back and I had to  share this picture. I know, it is far away.  I am still working up the courage to just approach people and tell them they look awesome and I want to include them on the blog... I am working on it.  But, for now, the whole lapel was covered in gold buttons as sorta seen bellow.  It is such a great idea!

KP and I had an awesome day in Echo Park on Friday, before I made my trip down to Long Beach.  We went to this sweet store that has tons of mid-century modern furniture.  I'll have to go back and check it out again when I bring more cash- it's cash only.  Bad!Vintage's (details for their gallery shows and store) site here.

Did you know that Ikea has propaganda books for themselves? I left with this one really cool one on textiles featuring some of my favorite prints seen below.  But, I also left with this crazy interior design one that looked super cool, while really being an extension of the catalog. Don't get me wrong- I love it.  It is just hilarious to me. 
Score 1 for these awesome pillows I found to tie in our color scheme in our living room!

Kevin is home and it's time for dinner.  Hope y'all had a great day too!!!

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