Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yesterday, I had an exciting trip to Biola University to meet with a group of students who will be working with us on some ways to help us spread the word and get more donations of "trash" to help with growing demands.  We are super pumped to be chosen to participate with the class and it will be really awesome to hear the ideas the students come up with for us!  We are always on the hunt for materials and if you have any items on our "Wish List" (there is a tab on the top of this blog) we will gladly take any items off your hands :)

Currently, we are aggressively collecting magazine subscription cards and used gift cards for our address books.

Between juggling some new opportunities, prepping our taxes, and preparing our inventory for the upcoming spring shows we have been super busy.  At the end of the day making things is my number 1 priority and I hope y'all understand why to elevate the quality of our tutorials we will be featuring a larger project on the 1st Tuesday of every month.  If you have any suggestions or items you'd like to see featured on our tutorials please let us know on our Facebook site.

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