Friday, February 18, 2011

Websites for Online Swaps and Secondhand Fun

 (Image from this awesome swap group in NYC found here on Facebook)
Sometimes it seems like hard work searching for items second-hand.  Random trips to rummage sales can't turn up all the items you are looking for every time. Yet ,Wal-Mart seems to have everything 24/7... Fear not! There are wonderful online sites that you can find items second hand if you are trying to find things used first.  Here are some great sites that will help you reduce waste and find the perfect item. The appeal of bidding Ebay style for goodwill treasures. is a great place for books, movies, cds, and awesome swap events! Last month our members saved $215,621 and they reduced their carbon footprint by 190,191 lbs.  There is a small fee for swapping and shipping, but nominal compared to purchasing the items new.  The first swap is free to check out the service so why not check it out?!? also has amazing events including one in West Hollywood next week: Green the Red Carpet Sip & Swap with Second Glass in celebration of the Oscars. You can see the full details here.

Similar to, and are great sites that lets you give and get books of your choosing. is a great site for getting CD's, DVD's, Books, Textbooks, and Video games at the cost to ship them to you.  For the most part CD's and DVD's are the cost of a stamp!
Do you live in New York and want to have a BBQ on a super nice day but don't own a grill? lets you rent rarely used items sitting around the house for a daily rate.  My favorite is the ability to rent an evening bag for a night out cheaper than ordering a cocktail!  Why spend money and space on items you only use once or twice?... This site is perfect just for that reason! do you live in Boston or San Francisco?  Wanna borrow someone's car like a zipcar? Or make extra money by loaning yours out when not in use??? This site is for you!  By hour or for the day rates are available.  Right now there is no registration or annual fees to join and the rentals are a few bucks cheaper than zip cars :) BONUS! is a great place to swap out clothes and accessories.  Kinda like an on-line Buffalo Exchange.  They are having some technical difficulties with their images currently so make sure to check on this one soon. is a great place to swap/ barter your time for goods and services.  You can set up an account within your neighborhood and make wonderful opportunities for community bonding.

If you are in the Wilmington Area you can go to for buying, swapping and selling anything from furniture to diamond rings. It says it has listings in my hometown area- Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill too.

Let us know if you get some fun trades and swaps from these sights :) We are always treasure hunting and I hope we can find some gems on-line with these awesome sites.

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

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