Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How-To: Fused Plastic Bags

Today's how-to is about making Fused Plastic Bags.  You can use this fusing technique to create all kinds of items made from the base "fabric" after melted. 

One of my resolutions that I started early before Christmas is, if I think something is cool, I try to make it.  I am constantly looking at inspiration and ideas and whenever I see something I like, I make myself try it out.  

My Etsy Bootcamp Buddy Beckie from BZB Designs makes wonderful items made of fused plastic bags and I have been collecting tons of plastic bags to ship her way.  I saw this video on Etsy and I thought I would sneak a bit of the stash I have for Beckie and try my hand at fusing plastic bags myself.  Here is a video Etsy made to show the process:

If not for use in a project like this, you should still collect and save all kinds of plastic bags saving them from the landfill!

Here is the directions for my take after watching the above video:
Taking pieces of the bags, crop them and select colors/images from your collection of bags. Layering the plastic, stack them in-between parchment or other paper at least 5 layers tall.  8 layers will create a heartyand thick base fabric.

Press the plastic bags together fusing the layers with a moderate temperature iron.  Depending on your iron settings it may be near rayon... Mine was just about the median setting.  If you make it too hot the plastic will shrivel and bubble.


Here are my finished samples.  This one bellow makes me think of a flag, maybe I can elaborate on this idea.

After this process of creating the fabric you can make all kinds of new things! If you test your hand at it and find that its not your thing, browse over Beckie's shop on Etsy -BZB Designs here to find awesome items like the one bellow. 

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