Thursday, September 2, 2010

What inspires our supplies and process-

I get the question of what inspires our supplies and process a lot.  Sometimes it is the first response to different materials.  Others it is the end use and what can obtain it best.  Here is a highlight into the "Behind the Scenes"...
We take the "raw" element of different types of recyclables and process everything down into "supplies".  After brainstorming on theme or end-use around some of the supplies I come up with a jumping-off point.  Sometimes I just tinker around with the supplies to get the function or technique and the end use doesn't fit the construction.  Sometimes the sample sheds light on a new technique or "textile".  Ever since college process has been my thing.  I like the process of multiple techniques and materials blending into an end product.

FOR INSTANCE- I am always trying to rework and figure out options for bottle caps.  Here are some of the ways we have been able to get some great uses for them so far-

 Blank D-I-Y Recycled Magnets Sets
 Pop-Culture/ Trend Magnets
  Then worked its way into Jewelry...
 And Brooches.

Sometimes I have a day where I have a person in mind for a gift or I just want to play around and see what I come up with-

EX: Here I made a "Button" closure to this Braided T-Shirt Necklace with an encapsulated aluminum soda tab.  I really liked the end result so I have stored this idea and this test for later.

Another incite to my thought process is utilizing packaging and containers to inspire what wants to utilize this vessel to make a second use for it.  In this example- Finding the perfect vessel is the art-
I am bummed that I can no longer hoard these Jars, but It keeps me on the hunt for the next vessel to covet.  Best part was getting my favorite coffee and a sweet jar- no brainer!

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