Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pictures from LA Craft Experience

I think there should be a word for a productive slacker... One that would describe my overall feeling towards doing things right now.  I a checking off unimportant items from the to-do, SO I feel a bit of accomplishment.  Kevin and I had the busiest weekend last weekend so its understandable that I am spent. Seriously, I just want to take a nap and watch some TV.  Before I can allow myself to do anything relaxing though I must get out these pictures, I can't believe it is Wednesday already...

Here are some great shots from this weekend-
 The "Usual Spread" this time with a new display for our Vintage Magazine Stationery Set- A disk case we found out our local thrift store.  It works awesome!!! I am on the hunt for more- 
ALSO- A *NEW* 3 Drawer Tower with Blue, Pink, Green and Cream Colored Maps.
Kevin played a "Your Side" "My Side" Game with me, and highlighted his proudest pieces on "his side".  He was fun to watch talk about all the features of the Jewelry Stands.  Way To Go Kev!
Here are some notebooks Kevin made from the Movie Cards from a bankrupted Blockbuster.  Some are reversible... others are "coordinating themes". Some special ones even have address pages with magazine subscription cards inside.

We featured these shirt bags as a give-away to carry purchased Jewelry Stands and some of theme sold as bags on there own :)  If you'd like to see how to make them check out this previous post on How- To: Make a Reusable Tee Tote

We had a blast for the majority of the LA Craft Experience, and Chinatown ROCKED!  I love that area, it is so beautiful to look at and has a great vibe!!!

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