Monday, August 16, 2010

Why You Should Buy Local Pt.1: BUY LOCAL

There are many reasons Why You Should Buy Local. Your dollar is your voice, your vote, and your approving that you are standing by a product or a company-
Whether or not you think that hard into your purchase; it is what it is.  When corporations like Wal-Mart hold the most money, they become a voice for it.  They then get to make the decisions- That are good for them to keep and make more money...  These decisions may not be best for their consumers, their employees, and even our Country; but they get the ultimate voice in the situation.

I switched on the Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price video today at lunch- Big mistake...  Now I am so hopped up I can't even think of my to-do list!  I feel so blessed that living in Los Angeles it is next to impossible to shop at Wal-Mart.  I only just saw where the Wal-Mart was last weekend coming home from the Rose Bowl. AND I assure you it is not an area I think I'll be going back to anytime soon...

BUT, I understand that here I have different luxuries afforded to me than are even available in other places of the country.  I stay true to my roots and can understand what the Wal-Mart mentality does to a small community- and empower it; it does not.  
I am so glad that there are opportunities like UNIQUE OC, Farmers Markets, and visionary store owners on a mission to promote local and independent designers.  The difference within the system supporting "Your New Local Friends" (Because that's what they'll be :) vs. "The Man" can be a big step to:
  • Creating an awesome Community and promoting an overall friendly and fun Environment to deal with life in.
  • You receive amazing goods or service that in the End- Rewards people's hard work.  Therefor the  people profiting are the ones who deserve to do so.
  • Your State's Public Assistance Programs being used to profit the corporations rather than the people which would also aid to solving this Nation's Health-care crisis.
It seems like a stretch I know, but If I could stress how much of changing one purchase to that at a Mom & Pop Shop or an Independent Retailer- It really does effect the whole picture. Maybe when I become a YouTube Celeb (LOL) Obama will want me to pitch him a plan to aid in the reform ;)

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