Monday, August 16, 2010


UNIQUE OC was this last weekend and I am anxious to share so many things this week!!!  We will be getting everything online in order and re-group for the LA Craft Experience in Chinatown on Aug. 28th.

If you didn't want to make the trek down to the OC you haven't missed your chance to see us before our hiatus. Hope to see you there!  Best part is its at NIGHT :)

I just saw a snippet of Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price(It is "Play Instant" available on Netflix.) I think it has really sunk in how much deeper giving your vote and your dollar to these corporations really have screwed up our Nations economy and how events like UNIQUE OC and  shopping Local =the utmost best way to stimulate the economy.
So all this week there will be super fun Highlights from this weekend and my ramblings on Why You Should Buy Local!!!  

The Tutorial Tomorrow will be a step by step on paper beads that highlights our really fun Video that launched last week.  I have purchased recently some paper bead necklaces that ties in perfectly to purchasing local to share too ;)

Most Importantly my Birthday is this week!  I will try not to slack off too much since there is only 34 more days to use my arm, but all this activity I might over excite myself and need to take a tech break and relax while consuming myself in these "Fight-the-System Documentaries" my Netflix instant queue.  It tells me they are Movies I'll <3

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