Monday, August 2, 2010

Its August- where has the time gone??? Coming Up this Week-

Recently I have been quite proud of the fact that I had an anti-hording epiphany and my collections of treasures is being evaluated with a fresh pair of eyes!!! 

It has been super stimulating going threw and inventorying all my "new supplies". I still have some keepers in a "do not touch" area for saving- But everything else is fair game!  I am really glad to mash up the items I have been stashing and all of our collected recyclables for some fun new projects.  I find that getting supplies from my friends and family is super stimulating because I have to put on my problem solving hat-lol.

 Got a super sweet goody box that I sorted out this weekend! Perfect time for all the fun to come :)  Thanks Alisa for all the fun!!!

 We went to JetRag and got some fun finds- I love buying things second-hand, its probably even more fun the second time around. We are on the hunt for Tee's so if you have some 'ol give aways from events or tired old sayings, I can swap some merch for some materials ;)

I am washing all of the clothes from yesterday as we speak, and I am looking forward to doing a tutorial tomorrow on making tee shirt bags.  Usually at the Fairs we re-use old shipping bags (The air bubble mailers used in shipping protection *below*) Or brown paper bags from groceries.  I am thinking the shirt bags will bake a nice cheap, reusable alternative to us buying shopping bags to provide.  If you purchase more than $45.00 worth of Merchandise the purchase will include a bag, otherwise we will sell them for $3.00-

Air bubble mailers used in shipping protection- Still one of my favorites for all the small magnets and impulse buysCheck out this How-To to make your own!

We'll still have the more durable shirt bags made from amazing pattern polyester shirts, And I just got some amazing new patterns :) I'll post new patterns when available-

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