Thursday, July 29, 2010

Studio Pictures

Summer Season and the "Show Circuit" is in full swing.  I must confess we are limiting the number of shows we are doing- I need to have some freedom if surgery for my shoulder crops up suddenly.  But, I think the next 3 or 4 will take everything I got!  I think we finally got my studio organized to help make getting everything made and in order as easy as possible.  Since Kevin has to utilize my tools too, and his time (and memory of where I created homes for things) is limited... I am trying to have sections of common tools to help.

I finally feel like I have a space where everyone will want to come and play!  It is so nice to have a super functional and useful studio and not be spending all my time digging-

This magnetic rack and combo from Ikea has made keeping the most important things close at hand and tidy.

Too bad all the cool stuff to look at is behind me when blogging- Will post more as the Studio develops more.  There is a lot to be done this weekend!

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