Monday, May 10, 2010

Fave Finds

Besides the ominous unpacking that is dominating my life at the moment, I have been trying to peruse the internet for some of my favorite finds on-line.  Here are some great things that have peaked my interest: 
Mushrooms are totally not within my flavor favorites, but these mushrooms are visually delicious!  
 I am in awe of Absinthe and Orange's blog and am so excited to check on their great tutorials often.  Make the mushrooms above with this great tutorial-

THANK GOODNESS we don't live in the Bay Area because I would accumulate even more great stuff than I have already at The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse! I am overwhelmed and excited about all the possibilities to be held within all their great materials, and just glancing over their What's New list gets me pumped up for the day I can get up there for a visit :) 

I really like the way they have organized all their supplies in these two pictures and I think I am going to strive to start the organization to our NEW studio in this great fashion

I have been collecting tons of cans to put to good use and I give great props to the top example of using them for a great storage solution-

We have been busy trying to figure out which on-line endeavors are the best to suit our needs and there are so many new things to "help" you out and maximize our time...  It takes time to figure out how to navigate each new thing.  Flickr is one of the programs that I LOVE the community and the opportunity to use and find great pictures.  I don't think we are using it to the fullest potential possible, so I will be posting tons of finds as we grasp all the possibilities!!!

I came across an amazing Flickr user Seaotter22I am going to bookmark her clever info and great pictures that illustrate and depict the great messages that we all should be mindful of- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot and her Environmental set are awesome!

I love the way she can carry the message so perfect in one picture

On my perusing of the Daily Green website I discovered the "Ecopedia"- the A to Z of everything GREEN.  I love the idea that they have an Environmental Glossary and I am bookmarking it for reference. 

I haven't figured out a great tutorial for tomorrow, I think we will share some highlights of some that have given us inspiration- and highlight some great artists we enjoy :)

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