Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Book Shopping

Yesterday, while writing my post on Debbie Stoller's new Yarn by Red Heart, I engaged in my favorite guilty activity.  I have some thoughts on compulsively impulse shopping on Amazon... but I made up my mind for the new way of on-line shopping I am now promising to embark on.

I decided that I was going to buy all my books second hand (which is one of my pro-issues on Amazon) AND I was going to pick which books I bought based on the seller's location to cut down the foot-print of it getting to me.  I may not have saved as much as clicking on the lowest used-price book, but walking the walk is more costly upfront.  I am trying to not let price be the object that rewards destructive products and marketplace behavior to dominate the market. Our consumer votes are in the power of our dollar and we need to spend each one towards the outcome we would like.

I look forward to sharing my up coming thoughts on the following books when they come:
***1st Up: my NEED FOR NYC!***
***Then, the new Men's book by Debbie Stoller*** 

AND, a few more to tell you about once they arrive :)

I wish that there was great Second Hand Bookstores here.  Even the presence of Independent Bookstores isn't felt in my area of Los Angeles.  Bookstores are corporate, large, or inside of Target... And while there are many libraries to borrow- I have the collecting curse and have dreams of a well revered  art and instructional book collection one day!

Until those days where I can leisurely walk to the Second Hand Bookstore, I will second hand covet my sweatpants purchased Amazon, love children...

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