Friday, February 26, 2010

First of Photo Fridays

So, we all know this week has been a fun trial week for me.  I am looking forward to the weekend to reflect and re-gear up for my full week of fun this week.  Today I finished taking pictures of everything I worked on and uploaded them.  The one thing no one tells you upfront is how much time it takes to upload, re-size and crop your photos so that they can be uploaded easy.  It will be nice that I am going to force myself to get stuff finished up on Friday before the weekend because I am sure Kevin and I will be busy taking tons of pictures this weekend. 

So early this week I was working on a recycled paper garland with 3-D paper "balls" out of paper circles saved in the studio.  Here is a sample of how they are coming out so far-

We have been busy gearing up to list some "Green Supplies" on Etsy.  There are lots of artists who don't have the time to make all their supplies and their crafts and we are going to test out some bundles of supplies and craft kits soon.  The supplies so far next week are blank bottle cap magnets to decorate yourself. 

The tutorial and pictures I am going to feature are in dedication to my Grandpa teaching me the art of Stamp Collecting.

Hope its a wonderful weekend for everyone :)


  1. ooooh so awesome girl! Love the pics and cant wait to see more. I always love seeing what you are up to. Now I can blog stalk you! ;) ha! Lets get together soon! love you!

  2. Sounds perfect b/c I am blog stalking you too!!! When we get together we can make some of those yummy treats you feature- They all look sooooooo yummy!!!!!!!!! Miss you, Love you!


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