Monday, October 15, 2012

Chore Day - Today

Hello there!

I am catching you later in the day today because I have been so wrapped up in mundane tasks that "grown-up" law says I have to do.  Wouldn't it be nice if bills just paid themselves, laundry washed and folded itself, or doing the dishes was done by the magic like in Disney's The Sword In The Stone?!? FYI, that is one of my favorite Disney movies ;) Anyhow, I am successfully getting all this done without magic so that Kevin can get an early birthday surprise for his birthday tomorrow.  Finger's crossed I get everything done before he arrives home today!

We loosely mapped out a day of fun for his birthday tomorrow - He just found out he is approved for the day off today, so we couldn't make any concrete plans.  If I had my way dinner would involve a place where we can watch the debate while we eat. That sounds very unromantic for sure, however we were the couple who spent our honeymoon inside with room service watching the Sarah Palin Show unfold so I don't think the debate on a birthday is so bad. 

On a sorta political but not so much front, we saw Argo this past weekend and it was incredible! If you are like me and you were born in the Reagan Administration or later, you may not quite have the same feelings about Iran and what makes it such a hot-button topic in these debates. I am glad that A) Ben Affleck is amazing at both directing and acting as he is, but (on a more serious note) that B) That this movie is out now because it has some insight into the drama felt by the USA and Iran in 1979-81 during the hostage crisis. The movie does a good job portraying the era and while some portions may be embellished for drama it still has a tone that brings importance to the situations portrayed. Overall I liked it very much and would strongly recommend seeing the film.       

Well, that is enough politics for me to share today... what I am here for is the crafts :)

Creatively I am not up to much today.  I did bottle up some "vintage" citrus vinegar that we posted the tutorial earlier this summer here. I am calling it a "vintage" because I tended to it for 2 days shy of four months seeing what would come of the extra time. the verdict: The extra time gave it a fuller body and opacity white leaving less vinegar-y and packed way more of the citrus scent.  Overall I would say if you can rotate your jars so that the vinegar and citrus scraps can sit for ~3 months time the overall product will make for a superior green cleaning staple.

Well, off to fold some more laundry! Hope you have a super evening!!!


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