Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How-To's Day: Upcycled Dishwasher Label

We have been using this sad, pathetic "CLEAN" note to label what is inside the the dishwasher.  Our current routine is when you load and run the dishwasher you pull the magnetic note off the refrigerator and place it on the dishwasher.  This works and all, but the note is sloppy and depressing and I would really like something special just for the dishwasher that says "Clean" and "Dirty" so all you need to do is flip it to label which stage the dishwasher is at.

With that in mind here is a quick project to make a dishwasher label.

You will need jar lids, random paper, some way to letter (like stickers, cut paper letters or a marker), Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, and Rare Earth Disc Magnets. The Rare Earth Disc Magnets we are using are 1/2" X 1/16" Neodymium N42 magnets which have a pull force of 3lbs. These tiny magnets are more than adequate to hold up the lids perfectly. Please check out magnet safety here before using these super intense magnets.

Attach the magnet on the back of the lid with a glue like liquid fusion. Collage and assemble the papers and letters inside the lid so that one side says "Clean" and one side says "Dirty". Add a thin layer of the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic and let dry.

Now the dishwasher doesn't look so sad anymore! Yay!!! Plus, now we won't accidentally re wash the dishes or pull out dirty ones thinking they have been cleaned already.

We'd love to see what you come up with if you make one for yourself.  Leave us a comment or post a picture on our Facebook wall here.


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