Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How-To's Day: Paper Decorations for a Craft Party

I love making things out of paper!!! It is one of my absolute favorite materials to work with. One of my favorite materials to have in the studio are maps.  Thomas Guides are especially helpful since there is so many pages of maps inside each one.  The warehouse is so vast down at CRAFTED that basic paper garlands are a must to help add to the decorations.  We recently did a demo using the small tubular ornament template by Martha Stewart Crafts as seen here, and it is the perfect tool to crank out some massive decorations.

For the paper lanterns we are using this time saving tool, but you can also create the same result by folding a 6.5" square into a rectangle, then cutting slits in 1/2" intervals making sure to leave at least a 1/2"  border on the raw edge.

Always an easy favorite when making paper decorations is the classic paper chain.  We have been using the scraps leftover from the lanterns to make paper chains to add to our decorations.

Another awesome paper decoration is these great mini suitcases to reinforce the Wish You Were Here theme as well as decorate their booths. Using a rectangle box and some imagination you can make a super mini suitcase too! Check out this great example from Desiree B-

Off to keep making paper lanterns for our decoration meeting tomorrow ;)


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  1. These are really wonderful paper decoration ideas for the craft party. Couple of months ago, I arranged my brother’s wedding anniversary at an exemplary venue New York. Invited all family and friends. We all had fun time together. Every guest enjoyed yummy food there!


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