Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Stitched Wedding Programs

While in Brooklyn, Alessandra, her two sisters and I gathered together to assemble the programs for her wedding.  Loosely based on a pin I found on Pinterest shown here, we created the programs with color photocopied covers that were punched with a Doily Punch and layered over a single fold sheet of wedding details.

Here is the Martha Stewart Doily hole-punch pictured below:

Alessandra made 12 different patterned cover variations featuring patterns from one of her favorite artist William Morris. Using a William Morris calendar she has treasured she used the paper the interior details are printed on to the copy center since it was both recycled and off white so the inside of the cover would match.

Before the trip I made several "tester" programs so Alessandra and Paul could get a feel of what they could do with the programs. I think it makes it way easier to plan out what you want just by testing out your options. The original test had a 3 part cover as shown below.

I am quite glad that we just did the one printed cover with the punched edge at the edge of the paper. While it still wasn't "quick" punching each edge, we were able to sit in assembly line and punch the edge of the cover, layer the cover over the printed info / middle section, machine stitch everything together, then tye the strings and trimming them up.
Using the presser foot as a guide, I straight stitched down the covers of each program. All 140 of them!

Once finished you have a 4 page program perfectly customized and special for your wedding day :)

On a scale of 1-10 on how easy and accessible this project is I would rate it a 3. It is quite easy in that you really just need to know how to sew in a straight line, use a decorative paper punch, and have some patience if you are making +100. Handmade art is time consuming but honorable!

Thanks for checking out our hard work! Hope you enjoy them for yourself on your big day if you try it out. Let us know if you do - we'd love to see pictures!!

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