Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How-To's Day: Lavender Sachets for Mother's Day

Hi guys! Today we're going to be working on a project that makes a perfect present for Mother's Day. The project does require some basic sewing, but overall it is a very easy project. In just a few short minutes, with minimal supplies, you have a wonderful handmade present.

This project is upcycled, which means we are taking items that would normally be set out for the trash and utilizing them in a way to create value in a new project or product. The materials needed for this project are: old dryer sheets, medium weight string (such as crocheted cotton), a heart-shaped paper hole punch in two sizes, any sort of adhesive (for this example we're using a Xyron sticker maker), and dried lavender.

Once you have your paper hearts for the gift tag (here you can see each tag takes two large hearts and one small heart) place glue on one large heart and line the string up the middle.  Sandwich the two hearts together with the string in the middle, pressing the glue firmly to seal shut. Once the two large hearts are together, glue the smaller heart as embellishment on the top of the tag.

Lavender looks all different types of ways.  Below are two different types of lavender that appear totally different, but smell equally the same.

On the left: lavender bushels store-bought.
On the right: cultivated from my house plants and lavender around town growing naturally.

This IS Lavender by the way.  
Place the dried lavender inside the dryer sheet and fold it up.

I like using these clips rather than using traditional pins. They take way less time for items like the dryer sheets that have some holes in the texture. Once you stitch up the side shift the seam so that it runs up the middle on one side.  You won't see the seam this way - it will run up the middle. 

Fold the bag in half with the lavender bunched towards the center. You can sew across the top of everything once you do this final fold OR you can just go ahead and fold the top down.  To mimic a tea bag, the two corners are folded in triangles and then sealed with the top down.  

Once you fold everything, it is time to staple! Pinch everything in place and put it into the stapler.

Tah-dah! A gigantic lavender filled tea bag sachet :)

The "tea bags" sachets can be used to freshen up sock drawers, keep linens fresh for company, playful decor - and so much more!
Comment below if you have success with this project or have tips and tricks of your own!

We hope you enjoy!!! XOXO, KC

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