Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How-To's Day: Make a Magnetic Brooch

I started playing around with some super strong magnets from Etsy Seller CandyTiles2 that have made me want to put magnets on just about anything! These magnetic brooches take a spin giving you some flair without putting holes in your clothes. A total upgrade!

A quick note about magnets - they are pretty awesome unless you accidentally wipe data off a hard drive or demagnetize you hotel room key one too many times.  So don't let those happen to you if you get on the magnet bandwagon.

Also: This isn't the best for people with pacemakers so make sure you opt for a plain'ol pin back if the recipient has medical needs.

This project makes use of items that you probably have in the house currently: Plastic caps and lids. Using just fabric, buttons or adornments and a hot glue gun + your caps and magnets = awesomeness!
The caps come on just about everything now-a-days so I am always on the hunt for a million and a half ways to put them to good use. Rinse them clean and set out to dry before using them as materials.

UPCYCLING - Technique using pieces from used or wasted item as new materials for a project.

Here I am upcycling a  a piece of fabric from a dress with this amazing sketch-lined floral. The dress was a big hit during my SCAD graduation where it debuted and made a splash all summer. Once the dress had made it's mark and was off to pasture I decided to put it in the "dissect" pile to scrap down to fabric, buttons, zipper, etc. making raw materials for our projects.

As the base layer I wrapped the cap with a strip of fabric first. This clear cap lets some of the pattern shine through which is a pretty cool addition.

Then using a small scrap of fabric and a found plastic flower I arranged and glued them inside the plastic cap.

All you need to wear the brooch is a magnet on the inside of your shirt. Of course it can also be a fancy upcycled magnet ;) 


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