Friday, April 20, 2012

What I Wore: Friday 4/20/12

Here is one of my favorite "cutesy" dresses. It is a thrifty find that I tweeked a bit at the sleeves as well as the hem. I really like the tied bow detail at the neck. The asymmetry is really great and it is cut without being too much. Here the color is one that I don't purchase enough... I really should get more of these blues in my wardrobe! I think it is super flattering on me and adding more of this mid-range blue to my wardrobe would be a great depart from my favorite head to toe black. Hhhmmmm.

Speaking of colors, I like the tiny little pops of color in the pattern too! It's not too overwhelming - just enough to convey a point without stealing the show. Also of note, it is actually cotton! A lot of my vintage finds are synthetic so finding a nice cotton is always a score!!

Well, today I am wearing this outfit to a co-working session at NextSpace in Culver City with Sharon! It is always nice brainstorming with her. Plus, being able to work with someone who can look over it definitely lends to a better finished product. Gypsy (the cat)) is pretty cute but she sucks at spotting typos.  

Hope you have a super weekend and a happy Earth Day!!! 

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