Friday, April 13, 2012

What I Wore- Friday 4/13/12 2nd Friday the 13th!

Last night Kevin and I went off to the Cabin in the Woods. And now it is officially the second Friday the 13th for the year 2012. Crazy.

I got this dress at Wasteland when Alisa was in LA awhile back.  It has some crazy sleeves that these cold nights force me to still wear a thick sweater.  This sweater is pretty much mine now- It started off as a present to Kevin back in the day when I had the privilege to sling men's clothes and dressed my man super trendy. I love dressing up my man almost as much as dressing for myself!

Usually I don't like horror movies, but I am so utterly in love with Joss Whedon that I couldn't wait to see this movie! Plus when I saw that Fran Kranz was in it too- double bonus!!!

I totally geeked out when I saw Kranz's appearance in Dating Rules from my Future Self (Seriously- go watch it b/c A-it is awesome! and B- it totally made me fall in love with the format of webisodes! And when I saw the trailer for the movie I knew I had to conquer this scary movie. Did I get scared? Not really. It was pretty scary a few times... but it was totally different than how the trailer set it up. The trailer feels like Texas Chainsaw Massacre but to act like they are similar would be  a stretch, there is a lot of great twists.

Have a lovely Friday and enjoy your weekend!!!

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