Monday, April 23, 2012

Talkin' Tools - Radmegan's Knitting Fork

Before Craftcation I went to the presenters sites to see what everyone was up to and what they looked like in case I had an opportunity to meet and talk with them. When I went to one of the presenters Radmegan's site I stumbled upon a project she did for St. Patty's Day where she used her knitting fork (also known as a lucet) to make a knitted shamrock. It was a really cool project idea and the cord made with the knitting fork totally intrigued me. Mad props to Megan for how she highlighted a project example made with her tool the "actual product for sale"- not the other way around. It hooked me instantly! I saw the project, saw what made it - which led me to purchase the tool in her Etsy shop immediately. From a business stand point it is so amazing how Megan had the product sell itself to me in that manner! 

I received my knitting fork and it was time to play with it and see how I liked it. She gave wonderful instructions that were very easy to use that followed alongside diagrams for each step. Also in with the tool and helpful instructions came a fun pattern to make a scarf project which I have not tried. 

When using this tool you basically achieve knitting an I-cord without having to use harder methods like double-pointed needles. The cord can vary slightly with the tension and yarn type you choose, but you are limited to a rough size dimension based on the width of the fork. She carries them in only one size so you are not going to get a tiny cord or a fat cord, but the possibilities are endless even within these limitations.

You can purchase the knitting fork here or for more details on Radmegan check her out here


I get no benefit from these reviews other than the sheer enjoyment of using the products. I get no payment from affiliate links or off my reviews.


  1. Awww! Thanks so much girl! I just got a google alert on this post! Thanks so much for the mad props!


  2. No thank you!!!! The tool is amazing and I love it! I love your blog & am super inspired by you :) Keep up your hard work!
    XOXO, KC


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