Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Quick Wall Art @CRAFTEDport_LA

Added some new art to our display wall leading upstairs to my studio-
Howdy Y'all! It is so crazy living somewhere "without weather" because it seems like the most basic fluctuations in the weather wreck some sort of havoc here in Los Angeles. Coming from the south with hurricanes and thunderstorms you wouldn't think that some light rain and wind would derail your life- but it does in LA!  This morning I had to shake things up and rethink my day after waking up to no internet or phone (Yes, we do still have a landline) and all of the work on my plate involved a computer. It was my initial reaction to pout & pitch a fit, but now that it is back on I am actually kinda glad to have to shake things up.

I have had an empty frame where the glass top was broken but still great for framing a wide variety of things sitting in my to-dos. Since I found myself switching up my plans I decided to put it to good use while I had some time on my hands. When we were at the Mini Maker Faire helping with the CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles booth the tables were covered in paper and Alison encouraged people to come "Make Your Mark" with stamps and other marking tools. (as seen on the right)
After the Mini Maker Faire I toted the paper from the table back home with me with the intention of upcycling it into a fun project.

Close up of the great detail everyone put on the paper when making their mark-

By simply cropping a section of the paper that had the best detailing and placing it in the frame I created an instant keepsake that captures & memorializes all the fun we had at the Mini Maker Faire.

There is still a ton of the paper left which is really helpful because while I am spearheading some of my responsibilities for the vendor outreach with CRAFTED I can work in the leftovers giving it that extra personal touch :) Even leftovers can be usable materials if you just look at thinks creatively! 


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