Sunday, January 1, 2012

Yay! For 2012!!! Happy New Year Everyone

Happy New Year!!! 
It's an new year and a fresh start to clean the slate and start all over again! My Favorite!!!

Kevin and I had a wonderful Christmas in Texas and spent New Year's Eve together at home last night. 
Did you have a super 2011 Holidays? We hope everyone shared the love with the people who matter most to them and got all the blessings that come from time with loved ones over the Holidays.  I would like very much to share what we have been up to and what's to come for 2012... And don't you worry- it will be AWESOME! I know it ;)  
But first, I wanted to extend a big thank you for your support in 2011 as well as let you know that you are a big part of what is getting me excited for 2012!!!
I turned over a lot of stones in 2011 seeing what works and what doesn't- and with that said I am going to be trying tons of new approaches that will bring a lot of cool new things to the table for Make Shop Live's 2012 Calender.  As for this week, we will be focusing on some of the structure behind the scenes. 
We have seasonal aspects to our organization as well as being multifaceted in topics which creates pockets of obligations and opportunities throughout the year. I finally feel like I have a good grasp on laying out the year to come :) Finally! I have realized how important the process of re-tailoring after the holidays and mapping everything out is and I am going to make this priority #1 so I can block out mini goals across the year to get more in. PLUS some good brainstorming now gets everything streamlined so things don't get overloaded during a busy season.
It got me thinking, Is there decluttering or re-structuring routines you look forward to doing in the New Year?  If so, stay tuned because we will be bringing tons of helpful hints and tricks to catapult you into 2012 with a bang!     

Kevin and I have one more holiday day tomorrow :) Hopefully he won't distract me too  bad and I can get at least some work done... we'll see!

Again, Best Wishes and Happy Holidays!
KC & Kevin

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