Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rain or Shine Here We Come!

I am so excited and relieved that Kevin and I got a car today :)  It has been unnerving that our vehicle can't drive in standing water and the rainy season is upon us. Plus, I have a really bad fear of stupid drivers driving over me out here so I am really concerned with safety while driving and dealing with what happens when the car breaks in the rain freaks me out. Today I feel a huge weight lifted off me because I won't have to worry about any of this ever again. YAY! 

It has almost been 4 years of car sharing since I moved to LA saving up to get a car and trying to figure out what we wanted.  I thought at first I wanted a Forrester- we need some extra tow space so we could beef up our displays and carpool with friends.  I really didn't want anything too big because I do find myself parallel parking and we park tandem in our spot... 

So when I first got into a Honda FIT I feel like my mind was blown. Do you know how big these things really are inside??? We have somehow figured out fitting a ton of things in our Ford Escort ZX2 (A 2-Door, small car) but its not really possible to have a passenger with anything 6' long in the Escort.  This Honda FIT we got today supposedly can fit things 7'9" long which is ridiculously amazing.  Plus, the back seats do multiple configurations where you can fit things up to 4' tall tall stacked floor to ceiling with a "trunk" still.  I can't wait to pack this thing up for Unique LA :)

I have so much more I could say but we went to Orange County for the car and it took way more effort and energy than anticipated.  Now that I can take a breath and finally not worry about what ifs in my transportation planing I think it wiped me out!

Hope Y'all had a happy hump day :)

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