Wednesday, October 12, 2011

AWESOME Find- Wallet Making Tutorial

I came across this awesome tutorial on how to take old boots and upcycle them into wallets.

Jepsen Leather Goods has all kinds of products you can look over, but I stumbled upon them from a tutorial post on making wallets from the top part of cowboy boots.  This is a really fun looking project and I am sure once the wallets are finished they last a lifetime.  Check out the details on how to make the wallet here.

What a great present idea...
Just planting a seed ;)

Anyway, today I had to do a ton of errands which was a drag to be away from the house all day- but a bonus when it comes to how much I hope to start getting done tomorrow now that I have everything I need to work on some projects :)

Somehow its not even 10PM and I am exhausted. Off to bed-

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