Thursday, October 13, 2011

Available for Special Order

We have a lot of different varieties of cans available for special order Reinbeers.  

The deadline to get custom orders made in time for the holidays is November 4th. 
Please get in touch with us before then to get your ornaments started :)

Here are all the cans available with  a 2-4 week time:
Modelo especial
Bud Light
Name Tag
Simpler Times Lager
Goldmine Lager

Pepsi- Throwback
Coca-Cola Zero
Coca-Cola Cherry
Dr.Pepper- Iron Man 
Dr.Pepper- Football
Diet Dr. Pepper
Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry
Sprite Zero
Canada Dry diet Ginger Ale
diet Vernors
Orange Crush
La Croix Sparkling water
Diet Hansen's Premium Soda
Classic Faygo Old- Fashioned Root Beer
Diet A&W Diet Cream Soda
IZZE Soda (variety) 

Hope you enjoy all the possibilities! We will gladly make them out of any other cans you may have too, we just would need the cans shipped to up before 11/4.  Please inquire with us for our address to ship the cans and we can do a custom order with the items you send to us :)

XOXO, KC & Kevin 

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