Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up and the Week to Come

Why Hello Everyone!!!
This past weekend was super fun and busy and it has gotten me *SUPER* pumped!  Yesterday, I spent the day at the Hello Etsy LA  event at TreePeople.  I am so glad to have been able to volunteer while checking out the park and facilities.  It was way more than networking- but I was super lucky to meet so many amazing local artists! Most of which all cared about focusing on community building and promoting the environment. SCORE! Wanna hear more of what people have to say about this and other Hello Etsy events all of the world??? Search for #helloetsy on twitter to hear the conversation.

One thing I noticed a lot of the attendees at the Hello Etsy event were all the sellers new to Etsy and they were full of questions on how to get started.  Now is the perfect time for new people to get their Etsy shops up and running with plenty of time to capitalize on the holiday season :)

It got me thinking that instead of an arts & crafts/ DIY tutorial tomorrow, I should bring some helpful tips to maximize your Etsy Shop and hopefully get some sales before/ during the weekend! Who knows- maybe you'll even beat us for sales once you are up and running ;)

Today, I was catching up on things that got pushed back over the weekend including FINALLY getting photoshop up and running on my computer :)  

I have been busy getting my applications for the Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Festival and I sat on the computer for a while trying to come up with a ton of different photo collages that best represent  our products for the applications as well as marketing materials.   I can't wait to hear back  since usually we do their Long Beach show, but I am so excited they are expanding and doing the 1st ever show Culver City.  I am so looking forward this upcoming Holiday Season, and the Patchwork festival is by far one of my favorites to show at. YAY! 

Between all my computer work the fact that I got wrapped up in finishing The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo  way past lunch, it was super productive even with totally losing myself in my day. BTW, I am not even going to start the next book in the series yet because it is so good that I know I will get NO work done until I am finished reading it. I seriously recommend reading The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo before or even after watching the Swedish version of the film (which is play instant on Netflix) The book totally goes into different and better details than the movie. God I can't wait for Fincher's version this holiday!!!!

Hope y'all had a super weekend and a wonderful week this beautiful beginning of autumn-

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