Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Unique LA Highlights and Pictures

We had such a fantastic time at Unique LA this past weekend! Thanks to everyone who came out and visited our booth!!! We had a terrific turnout and found a ton of great items to buy too.
Above: Pictures from our booth.  Check out items you may have missed in our Etsy store here.
Bellow: Great finds from DUST and Co., Sabo, Monstertrocity, Careful, It Bites and UNIQUE LA Pencils I got from checking in on Foursquare.
On Left: I scored this amazing "C" from a Monte Carlo made by my friend Jill of DUST and Co. the glasses pin is by sabo. Right: Kevin picked out this amazing monster from Monster Kat of Monstertrocity, and I am so glad to have 'Robert Sargent' as a new addition to our family.  Kat also makes the amazing unicorn finger puppet in the above picture- LOVEs it!

Kevin ran the show most of Saturday so I could scope out the show and he had the pleasure to chat with Travis from Blogging LA.  He did a great post on the show that includes our Record Accessory Stands, plus more details and pictures of Jill and Kat's goods. Check it out here.

We had a wonderful customer talk to me about the magazine subscription cards and I thought I would pass along some weird trivia.  When I go to stores to collect the cards that clutter the store and fall to the floor are "Blow-Ins" or Blow-in cards.  The difference between the blow-in and the bind-in cards is that they are loosely tucked into a magazine so that it will fall out and attract attention.  They want those things to fall out?!?!!! Crazy! For other interesting magazine facts The Association of Magazine has an interesting page with more details.

This show we attracted some attention with our take on the blow-in subscription cards.  Check out this great post from The Matcha Box on how we charmed a sale out of her with our Metro Card Address Books!  Thanks for your support Alissa :)

I ran into our friend Klara who along with Tyson, her soon to be husband, had an amazing booth as usual! They have an amazing apparel and accessory line that has amazing pillows too (as seen left) Maiden Voyage.  There is a great post that they are featured in here by LA Weekly!!! Great job guys!  Klara told me when we got to speak her and Tyson are getting married this summer in Poland- how amazing! I can't wait to see pictures.  If it is anything like how they design Maiden Voyage it is definitely going to be a wedding to remember :)

(Kevin and his new friend from Careful, It Bites)
It is always so inspiring to see all the great artists and designers at Unique LA.  We feel so honored to be a vendor at the show.  It is so great to be a part of such an amazing event and to get to see all of you lovelies in person!!! 
Thanks again to everyone who came by and said hi to us :)

KC & Kevin

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