Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2nd Annual Renegade Craft Fair Austin, TX

We are bouncing back from an AMAZING trip to Austin last week!!! We had such an amazing time visiting our friends and family. That plus hanging out in one of my favorite cities, AND meeting such awesome people at Renegade= best trip ever :) Here are some photos of our Make Shop Live Booth that was shared with My Zoetrope by Michelle Cavigliano.

My Zoetrope is based out of Brooklyn and it was super fun that both of us could travel down and show together.  Michelle is awesome, and I am so glad we were able to share our booth together!!!

I wish we could have video captured all of the amazing kids that were in our booth.  Michelle's audience is all ages- heck, I bought a ton of her wares! But, there was this one little girl who must have came back to her close to 7 times just to tell her how much she loved things.  It was so cutie <3

There are more pictures to be posted and a bonus, we shot some videos at the Renegade Craft Fair! We'll see if any are worth sharing and report back :)

Kevin has been painting in the living room all day and we got a ton of wall art (TONS of links/info on all the great artists we met at Renegade- coming up in next posts.) and collected items to decorate the living room.  It is crazy that we have lived here for a year and we are just now settling in. The "room makeover" is still hours away from being done and we will roll it into tomorrow.  Kevin has been hard at work while I rest my arm some all day today.  We planned very well for the trip so I was able to plan around my limitations and I had been feeling better... I think I am just exhausted and my body is angry at me :(  So, I am resting my arm and uploading pictures.

More to come-

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