Saturday, April 16, 2011

Eco Etsy on Sprint’s New Green ID Pack for Android

Hi Everyone!

We are members of an Etsy Team for Etsy Sellers dedicated to Reducing, Reusing and
Recycling called Team EcoEtsy.  We are finally able to announce some amazing team news: the team will be featured as one of the resources on the new Green ID pack for Android on Sprint! 

Look around the fingers at the 42sec. mark for a sweet shot of our address books :) 
This YouTube video of the Sprint Green ID Pack is sweet! I can't wait to check out the ID Pack when it comes out May 8.

The “Green Shop” screen will feature our team’s logo that will directly take the users to our website. From the website, they can click the category tabs on the left, which will bring them to our items on Etsy. We will be sharing the screen with some prominent companies like eBay Green, Green, Seasonal Harvest, and Light Bulb Finder.
Also the Green ID Pack includes:  
Live Green: Green America widget that delivers weekly tips, Green You app, a TreeHugger shortcut
We are really glad too to have found out more information about Sprint and their efforts while being a part of this opportunity. There is so much I would like to say about my feelings on cell phones and after learning about how toxic they are, I am really excited to have learned about the benefits and changes Sprint is trying to make with creating new products like this ID Pack and Sprint’s newest eco-friendly Samsung Replenish- a phone with 82% recyclable materials, fewer environmentally sensitive materials than other devices, and a solar powered back panel charger, plus Green ID Pack all under $50!!! With new choice like this phone and received the “Sustainability Leadership Award” at the 2010 International Electronics Recycling Conference and Expo- Hopefully other companies with fall in line with Sprint’s sustainability efforts.

Seeing how much the little things add up to reminds me that no act is too small. How amazing is it that just even the small headway we are making can grow to such a rewarding place already!  By addressing the small, easy changes that are "effortless "  we  actually make a bigger difference than you'd think. It is so great to be a part of a campaign that should hopefully facilitate some good and make things easier for people to go green!

Thanks for everyone's support!!!  With out your continuous support we wouldn't be apart of such an amazing opportunities.  We hope you can celebrate and share this with us, it was your dedication too that made it possible ;)
(make= blog, shop =etsy, live= facebook)

KC (And Kevin)

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