Monday, February 28, 2011

Coming Up This Week: Last Day of February & More for March

This past week and weekend has been so jammed packed I feel like I have let the fun spiral me out of control. We finally finished up our 2011 Business Tax Renewal which is a huge relief! Now I still have to itemize and categorize the expenses :( which isn't by any means fun, but totally a part of the business.
(these are of the amazing view from the roof-top)
My wonderful friend Alisa has been in town since Wednesday and I have been trying to squeeze in every moment possible with her! We went as a group this past weekend to the Wurstküche an exotic sausage grill downtown that has the most amazing food!!! One of the places I miss the most in NYC is Pommes Frites and the amazing Belgian fries from Wurstküche are pretty damn close.  The beers and sausage selections are amazing- there are even several vegetarian sausages that are hella tasty.
(Kevin enjoying a Chimay at Wurstküche)
Last week there was a gap in posting when we went out and searched out supplies and squeezed in some awesome vintage shopping.  I got some amazing '70s dresses and I totally scored in finding some knee-high black boots in practically brand new condition.  Alisa got some amazing dresses too, and I am going to rush to hem one really quick to get it to her before she leaves to go back to New York.

Alisa and I are going to try and fill today up with as much as possible and I am going to get her to help with tomorrows tutorial.  It is a surprise so far ;) hope y'all enjoy what we come up with.


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