Monday, January 3, 2011

NEW Year- NEW Things on the Horizon

Hi everyone!  Happy New Year!!! 

Kevin and I are so excited for 2011, and we are planing and hoping for some great things to come.  We just got back from a Winter weekend adventure and I feel recharged and energized!  

I got the the greatest news that 2 of my best friends got engaged on New Year's Eve!!! Not only do I feel responsible for them meeting, but I would like to think this desperate plea via twitter helped too:
Dear Friends, 
Would someone please get married already!!! 
I would really love to make decorations/ get a jump into weddings :)

 (This picture of Paul and Alessandra was taken back when Kevin and I were in NYC at New Year's 2008)

Now I have my wish!!! I am super excited that on top of our new projects for spring I can start researching and developing some great wedding ideas that goes along with our mission.  Starting this week we will start up a Wedding Wednesdays section with tips and inspiration for the Eco + DIY Bride.

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