Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RE Made Hacks- Rubber band ball

RE Made Hacks- Beer widget rubber band ball
We are going to start posting a section RE Made Hacks.  This section will feature creative ways to "Upcycle" random and unusual objects.  I really enjoy thinking of every way possible to rethink and rework every material.  Sometimes it's more helpful as a second time product than what it was suposed to be used for even! Sometimes its cheesey. Normaly, it's just a fun quirky was of assembling things together.  It won't replace our Tuesday Tutorials, which my apologies for loss of steam- but hey... it happens.  These segments will be quick and I'll post them as I am testing out an idea.

This first one today is inspired by two things.  (1)Guinness REINBEERS and (2) finding a rubber band on the ground today on the way to the laundry room.  Yes yes yes. I really am that simple some times.  

When making the Guinness and other European beer REINBEERS we have put off to the side a ton of these ping-pong like balls with dimples. 
(Washed widget- Closeup)

Best part of these widget balls are they are super light and airy in a super small size.  Perfect to start up the core of a utilitarian rubber band ball :)
Take your collection of rubber bands and wrap them around the widget. Starting with the small ones so they cling good, then working up to varying all the sizes randomly to shape the ball. 

Make sure as it gets bigger to go around the whole thing not just rapping one way which can leave lumps.

Maybe I can make some ridiculously GIANT ones after the Holidays!!! I'll ask my family and friends to share their stashes amidst my presents ;) For now, I'll keep it at this size and get back to work!


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