Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coming Up This Week: Last Week Before Christmas

Last week/ this past weekend we had some epic fun!  We  had an amazing time seeing TRON and living it up at DD's Holiday Party!!! We had so much fun it feels like it took forever to recover in this nasty weather. We finally braved the rain and saw The Social Network yesterday.  It really made me wish I was better at computers- on the weird, genius, billionaire level. I have all these great apps that I wouldn't say are the next Facebook, but where are these Apps??? Here is one of the many ideas for shortcut tools and organizational  spreadsheet kinda apps that I have.  It would be super badass if I knew away to get them made- please share around if you know any programmers who do apps :)

I really would love one that figures out product cost when making a project.  You could input cost of supplies and/ or number of the items. Then it could calculate that figure as the overall cost of supplies and how many it yields to figure out each unit cost.  You can plug in how long you worked on them and figure out how to figure out base pricing of your merchandise.  

I will stick to making things with my hands for now.  The rain has been so bad our car has again crapped out.  In the littlest amount of standing water the serpentine belt gets knocked off- ugh.  We managed to wrap up our families boxes off to mail but I am holding out walking the rest of the boxes to mail to our friends. Kevin and I are hiding out from the rain, finishing up the presents, and watching movies.
COMING UP: Fun & Quick Last Minute Holiday Ornaments

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