Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Highlights Oct. 18th-22nd

We have joined up for Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp and it's already Week 4!  Kinda crazy how it almost coincides with my surgery time line... it starts on a Thursday so I am a little ahead there.  

It is awesome to have a new friend and some motivation from a fellow Etsian.  So far a lot of the Boot Camp tasks have been things we have already done.  Today is the start of my new task this week where the focus is on the writing in our Etsy shop.  Next week the topic is the photography for our listings. Hopefully this Boot Camp will be a great way to get everything going great for the Holidays!!!

upcoming for this week:
It has been 4 weeks now since having shoulder surgery and I am almost healing up on the surface quite nicely.  The other two spots had better stitches and are just a faint line.  This one (of course the one upfront) looked like it need an extra stitch... it is starting to flatten down finally!  Anyway, I am still trying to figure out my schedule and juggling physical therapy.  It is crazy how the ratio of  very important to un-fun my exercises are.  I can totally see how people who are just mentally exhausted could be lazy and not do enough activity to make their surgery work. I have to put my exercises as a MUST before computer work so I may end up posting at sporadic times this week.

So, with that said, I have Physical Therapy on Monday, Wed, and Fridays now and I will hopefully post after them.  We are looking forward to checking out the FUN this Friday at The Unique LA & Apartment 3 Store Opening. I have a couple of topics I am game planning for Tutorials... Details to come ;) Also on the horizon- Figuring out our full Christmas schedule.

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!  It was Kevin's Birthday and we were able to get a bit of fun in :)

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