Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This Post has been delayed today because I witnessed a crazy accident on the 10-Freeway and couldn't get a normal post off-

I was about to get off the highway for an appointment and then CRAZY-NESS!  It was no fun to witness but it blocked pretty much the whole freeway and saving the day is better than being stuck behind a flaming car trapped in accident traffic :) 

The short end of the story is that I had to speak with the cops and I wanted to give my info to the guy I called for help for because- it was so wild! It was definitely the image I try not to EVER think about in LA traffic, ughhhhhh.  

After the fact when I got to my appointment, I was thinking that maybe I should get some normal business cards OR I hope that guy has a great sense of irony.  Bet he didn't think that a girl would stop for an accident and leave this card behind with my number crudely sprawled on it-lol

Maybe I should make some new cards with "Super Hero" or "Strong in BOTH Arms" and see if either of those come true too...


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