Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I have to give mad props to the bloggers who post not only full time, but make really informative and fun posts!!!

I can't chastise myself for my grandiose dreams of having everything in order and my blog looking "professional" overnight...  
And, I have to be realistic to my situation and my enjoyment level when it comes to blogging-

So with all that said, I am not spelling out any rules for myself blog wise except:
I will post something each day
AND, I will not make it a looming task that takes the fun out of what I would like this blog to represent.  

I want to show fun things to inspire and excite my friends (and new one's to come).  I really just like this as a technological avenue for a "conscious thought record" of inspirations and instructions.  I have been trying to find my style and niche for a bit now and I am really in awe of the hard work that goes into it.

With that said, the Tuesday Tutorial section that I wanted to create on my blog seems to be a bit overwhelming for me to keep up with.  I might have to do the Last Tuesday of the Month or First Tuesday, etc.  

So until then I am going to share the post that I am in awe of.  The tutorials and podcasts on CraftyPod have made me take a mental inventory of what I would like my tutorials to be.  The amount of detail that goes into them are immense and I look forward to one day getting my blog up to the educational level that Sister-Diane puts into this amazing blog. It looks like she does blog consultations- maybe I will go to her to get my mojo going :)

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