Friday, May 28, 2010


There was a section that resonated with me was his section on flying.  Being that we had two flights alone just to get to Austin, when I came across his work Jet Trails, 2007 It was hard to think of our return back to Los Angeles.  Below is the depiction of 11,000 jet trails which depicts the number of commercial jet flights in the United States every EIGHT hours.

Or this one that hit me really hard, it Depicts one million plastic cups, the number used just on airline flights in the U.S. every SIX hours.  So really this picture is just a quarter of the days consumption.

Detail below where you can see the lip of the lid as they stack around like snakes:

This made my return trip back from Austin quite uneasy for me.  I was contemplating the whole time how many cups I watched go back and forth across the cabin and how there is no recycling on the plane.  I was strategizingand scheming how one could convince these struggling airliners that they need to make a change on their beverage persession and and how the change can be inspired as well as received by their customers.  This of course was not solved during the flight (I'll have to keep you posted on this well needed change) but I did however manage to think about what I could do in that moment.  

The beauty of Chris Jordan's work is that it makes you understand your harmful habits and how they contribute to the whole, but when in a situation where you feel like the lone man out... it's hard to feel like you alone in your decision helps the issues at hand.  When I told the stewardess that I did not want a beverage that required her to give it to me in a plastic cup she responded, 
"Like a Styrofoam one instead"

which of course in my head I was thinking heck no!!! That is WAYYYYYY worse!  Then I got a confused look when I told her "I am off plastic." 

This lead me to the easier solution, save the cup and reuse it on the following flights.  I was just having water so this made better sense than the whole production- BUT it still was a production.  Multiple stewardesses tried to take my cup from me, or couldn't understand why I was clutching it to my chest cross country.  What I can't understand is what my option is for future travel plans... Or maybe I will just have to put this cup in the cupboard and embarrass Kevin even more when I tote this plastic cup with me each time we go on a trip.

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