Thursday, March 18, 2010

ArtCycle Event featuring Finally Felt

Last Saturday my Friend Kerry Regan invited me to check her out at the East Hollywood ArtCycle event where they closed a portion of Santa Monica Boulevard from Vermont to Virgil and had an awesome festival. I went and checked it early in the afternoon to take some good pictures and check it out and a lot of the activities picked up latter in the day... SO I can only share how great the booths/ "Mobile Food Village" was-

The event was planned awesome, and it was great seeing the Artists do demos to highlight their art. I met Kerry last winter at Unique LA where she showed her line Finally Felt.

Here is some pictures of what she was selling at the ArtCycle:
I like the texture and pattern on this bag.

Here are some pictures of her supplies and set up for her Demo on using a Knitting Machine. Most of her Knits are by hand and she recently got the machine. She utilizes short row shaping to create her knits and her demo was how she used the technique for her signature stripes.

Some of her yarn collection

Supplies for the Demo

Getting Started

The machine is really awesome and can do ~100 stitches in one sweep of the handle.

Here are some cute onlookers

Stitches Up-close

There are weights that hold the stitches taught so that the stitching has good tension.

This 'lil guy was enjoying the event ;)

Please check out the links and she has boutiques in the Echo Park/ Silver Lake area if you want to check out her knits in person.

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