Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Schedule and Order

So I am finding that making a schedule for myself daily is keeping myself better organized- Go figure! So I have been strategizing what my plan of attack on blogging, my daily life, and my overall well being. I think it may be best to start with one thing at a time, so here is what I've come up with:

I am going to try to organize my week on the computer/ blogging/ surfing and most of all being sucked in by technology day by day in themes. Now most people follow some of these themes already so its not like a total light bulb moment, but it will be good for me to adapt and utilize the concepts to my advantage.
Tutorial: Tuesdays
Web: Wednesdays
Thoughtful: Thursdays
Photo: Fridays

Mail doesn't mean e-mailing people... I am very far from my loved ones and we pen pal. I hope to make this even more special by showing some things in the works for the care packages to come, but also they are giving me photos of their goods in action so I look forward to sharing these with everyone.

Web Wednesdays will be a long day for me because I am going to soak up as much as possible (In a reasonable window of time) to re-blog and inform everyone of my findings.

Thoughtful Thursdays will be about an important issues be it environmental or social. Who knows, maybe both :)

And I will upload a ton of photos to Flickr, Facebook, this blog, as well as my Tumblr blog I use for recirculated reference and pop-culture.

I will be trying to get everything in order so next week will be my first full week! Let me know if there are any thoughts or things you'd like to see.

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