Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LA Street Food Fest

 I made a new sign over the Holidays and I really, really like it!

Check out full pictures of the Feb.13th 2010 Event:
So I can understand why people get on their soapbox about some social topics, but what I don't understand is why people insist on being so nasty to people on the Internet. We just participated in the 1st Annual LA Street Food Fest and people have tons of things to say about it. Tons good and some bad. The thing that I don't understand is how extreme and negative people can be.

***I am going to reference this event a lot I am sure in future posts in my attempt to illustrate how technology is ruining peoples social skills and how we communicate and treat each other.***

We found out about this event and thought; tons of people love food trucks. What I should have thought about was the percentage of people who both love food trucks and recycled art...
TONS of people loved our stuff! And, love it or hate it- someone got some great pictures of our booth covertly and posted them to the group flickr page. Alas, it was our worst show ever in the profit department. We had a blast anyway. The food was amazing, and we had no problems indulging ourselves with more than enough tasty goods.

Now, I would have said nothing but amazing things about the food- the venue- or the designers. What I don't understand is why people feel soooo personally connected that they must leave really terrible messages to people involved and leaving stupid facebook posts-

I think sometimes the anonymity of everything makes people feel like they can be dicks! It the only thing that sucks about how much we rely on social networking now. Most people take the time to write bad reviews or complain because they don't ever think from any other perspective and for some reason everything is about them.

TRUTH: The venue was amazing. The scenery was beautiful. The weather was great. And the food and refreshments were awesome.

Would it have been nice to have more trucks? Yeah, but it was the 1st one- more will want to join the bandwagon... you can't build an empire overnight-

Social networking told everyone that this event could and would be big... So that had to be something that people knew could be true. I think sometimes the anonymity of everything makes people feel like they can be dicks! It the only thing that sucks about how much we rely on social networking now. You have to over-saturate the Internet for any chance of being "on the radar", but it can turn into a massive bitch fest backlash.

Overall it was Grade "A" for Make Shop Live


  1. not too sure what you are referring to in terms of the bad experience =( maybe i'm not in the loop...but it sounds like you had a good time at the food fest? XD ?

    it is hard to get out there on the market (internet wise) so i can feel your frustrations......

    have you heard of its a mini crafty fair i think and it'll be in Arcadia =)

    best of luck to you!!!

  2. None of us (Vendors) made any money is the reason it wasn't good. I think if we hadn't vended we would have been upset with the lines, but since we were there for other reasons it was good.

    It was kinda hard b/c I think I was putting too much stock in doing well at the show... When your starting up its hard to gauge what to do business wise sometimes and you know its a gamble- but it's a tough pill to swallow. It was good to know we were all in the same boat and Sonja said if they do it again it will be cheaper for vendors :)

    Thanks for the Heads up on the Pink Parlour! It sounds really awesome, but I think we might be doing a "Green" Event for St. Patty's day in Hollywood:

    Hope everything is going well with you :)


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