Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today, when the sun is finally out again, I realize how lucky I am to be in Los Angeles. I struggle a lot about missing New York and how much I drug my feet about moving to California. But damn, its January and its GORGEOUS and I can roam my house in shorts with my balcony door open! Big difference from the bone-chilling cold January and February New York months.

This is one of our new "Campaign" Photos taken last year. I had a lot of fun when my Dad came out to Visit LA for the first time and we went out and took sooooo many pictures. This is to be "Solid Gold's" (That's her name :) Modeling Debut. She has been traveling all over and I hope to eventually produce a body of work for her that can successfully launch her modeling career! For now she will just steal the show from us at Make Shop Live, and concrete her place as our Cover Girl.

Soon hopefully we will make this a banner for our Vendor Shows, or maybe some Rad Postcards. Between the Hollywood sign and Solid Gold, I want it to read:



  1. Killer pic! Great concept. If I could, I would become a fan of Solid Gold. BTW, Nic and I are going to try and make it out to the LA Street Food Fest.


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